If you are looking for a reliable partner on rigid PCB,flexible PCB to speed up your projects or cost down your purchase, we deserve your attempt contact.



Rigid PCB production

Flexible PCB  production

Quick facts:

  • Our service: Rigid PCB,flexible PCB.
  • Our markets: USA(30%),Europe(30%), Middle East(20%),Others(20%).
  • Our business: Medical,Chemical,Industry,Tele comm,etc.
  • Number of employee: PCB(500 employee),Flexible PCB(300 employee).
  • Our certification: ISO9001, TS16949, ISO14001,UL.
  • Our goal: Being a company loved by our customers, our employee, our suppliers , our community and our shareholders.

About leways:

Leways is a professional manufacturer which focus on PCB/flexible PCB and related business for more than 20 years. With the help of all our customers’ support , our employees’ hard work and Chinese long term rapid development, we setup complete production system on PCB(including rigid pcb and flexible PCB) , related service system(our sourcing team and logistic) in China.

Our products are widely used on industrial control,medical,security system which need high reliability,good qualified rate and small batch delivery.  we optimized production process and facility to meet our customers’ goal: good quality,fast delivery, competitive price and quick response.

We have a lot of experienced employees which regarded as our the most valuable asset, some of them have worked in PCB field more than 15 years. Our professional team delivery support and advise on PCB design, PCB production, logistic and outsourcing etc. Our customers work with us to speed their projects, cost down production, logistic and focus on their most valuable actions. Finally, we got a win-win partner resul.