flexible pcbFlexible Printed Circuit Board (FPC) has been widely used in a lot of areas: laptop, LCD panel, camera, DVD, automobile and military products. Our product targets on parts of mobile devices. We make full use of mature supply chain of Pearl River Delta and develop the comprehensive FPC assembly business.

All process are done within our factory including drill,exposing,etch,outline punch,gold plating and ICT test and components assemble, it ensure the quality control and cost effective. The quality management system, inspection devices and labs are all available. Along with eco-value chain with customers, the value-added services are extended among upstream and downstream business, the one-stop solution is truly realized.  Besides, all the products are complying with international environmental standard (RoHS).

We are happy to take on any flex circuit or flexible printed circuit board design challenge that you bring, including: automotive, medical, telecom, industrial or commercial

You will enjoy our flexible PCB manufacturing services without any hassle.

FPC  Capability

No. Item Technical Data
1 Layer Count 1~6Layers
2 Min. Line Width/Space 18um(finish Cu): 2/2mil
35um(finish Cu): 3/3mil
3 Min Space Between Coverlay Opening 0.2mm
4 Edge of Coverlay Opening to Trace 0.20mm(preferred)
5 Min Space between coverlay and solder pad 0.15mm
6 Polyimide Films 0.5 mil (12.5µ), 1 mil (25µ), 2 mils (50µ)
7 Thermabond Adhesive Thermosetting Adhesive, 3M high adhesion tape
8 Copper Foils (RA or ED) 1/3oz, 1/2oz, 1oz
9 Stiffeners Polyimide, Rigid FR4, metal
10 Solder Resist Coverlay, LPI
11 Min. Finished Hole size 0.2mm
12 Max. Finished Hole size 6.30mm
13 Hole tolerance ±0.05mm
14 Min.space between holes 0.15mm
15 Minimum conductor edge to outline edge ≥0.1mm
16 Minimum space between coverlay and conductor ± 0.15mm
17 Hole to outline edge ≥ 0.10mm
18 Tooling tolerance Knife(Soft) tooling :± 0.25mm
Steel(Hard) tooling:± 0.05mm
CNC drill/rout:± 0.10mm
19 Maximum Layer to Layer Mis-registration ± 0.10mm
20 Copper Plated Thickness (PTH only) 8~15um;20~30um;30~70um(special)
21 Surface Finish Immersion Gold, Plating Hard Gold, OSP,Tin immersion, silver immersion