Leways offer PCBs with competitive price for quantities as little as 1 piece to as high as 5,000 pieces. In addition, our PCB engineers check every board for potential mistakes. This service can’t be found at most PCB houses. Also, we follow very strict PCB manufacturing workflow to ensure the high quality delivery. Our customers come from a large variety of industries and business segments, such as semiconductor, enterprise computing, networking and telecommunications, wireless markets, industrial and embedded systems, network storage, automotive electronics, digital toys, laboratory instruments, etc. That is why you can rely on our PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly services. As herein, we place PART of our customer cases for your reference. We can do than you imagine. In general, our global customers have following impressions of our services: quick response, reasonable price level, top customer perspective, quality commitment.

pcb-general.jpg2Leways invested over 2 million USD for factory facilities, including PCB and PCBA equipments (Acid Copper Through-hole Plating, CNC Drilling, PCB Etching Machine, PCB Milling Machine, Surface Mount Machine, Reflow Oven, Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), Wave Soldering) and a scientific system of management, through which your PCB and PCB assembly requirements can be fulfilled in high quality and accordance of international standards.

PCB  Capability

No. Item Technical Data
1 PCB Material/brand: FR4,metal based material.
FR4+metal composites.
Nelco,Rogers 3003/3006,4350.Taconic RF35.Hitachi MCL-BE-67G.
Bismalemide Triazine or equivalent.
2 Max Layer Count: 18 layers for production.
30 layers for prototypes.
3 PCB thickness: Max board thickness.6.0mm
Min board thickness:0.2mm for 1-2 layers.0.4mm for 4 layer PCB.1.0mm for 6 layers PCB.1.2mm for 8 layers PCB.1.4mm for 10 layers PCB.etc.
4 PCB thickness tolerance: +/-0.1mm(T≤1.0mm)
5 PCB size: Max size:580x580mm for single/double side PCB.550×550 for multi-layer PCB.
Min size:10mmx10mm.
Max panel size:24x24inch.
Min panel size:100x120mm.
6 Tolerance: Outline size tolerance:+/-0.1mm.
Hole diameter tol:+/-0.1 mm for PTH. +/-0.075 for NPTH.
Hole registration:≤10mil.
Bow and trist: ≤0.7%.
Imperdance control:≤10%.±5Ωfor under 50Ω.
7 Finishing: HASL(Leaded),HASL(Lead free).
Gold plating.
Tin immersion.
Silver immersion.
8 Typical solder mask color: Green(RS-2000 11GL,RS-2000 1GL)
Matt green(RS-2000 5GLM)
Fluorescent green(DSR-18GYF)
Blue(RS-2000 BLM)
Matt blue(RS-2000 BL)
Matt black(RS-2000 BKM)
9 Other spec: Line Width/Spacing:0.003/0.003 inch.
Max Copper Wt:6 Oz.
Min Via Size:0.004 inch.
Min Capture Pad Size:0.012 inch.
Hole/thickness ratio:1:10.